Elon Musk Answers Questions About Detonating Latest Starship Prototype

The last of the Starship prototype launches, during which SpaceX recently tightened its numbers, resulted during a huge explosion. After launching the SN9 prototype, which was described as an honest launch in any case , Elon Musk answered some questions on the launch.
Elon Musk’s space transport company SpaceX has recently been performing on Starship, the company’s most vital project under manned missions. a number of the prototype launches that are administered during a row are successful, while others are the scene of giant explosions.

The recently launched SN9 prototype also initially performed a launch that progressed quite well. However, the SN9, which did not perform the highly critical rotation maneuver during the descent, crashed to the bottom near subsequent prototype, theSN10. the rationale why the rotation maneuver couldn’t happen was explained because the second engine couldn’t be fired during the manoeuvre.

Elon Musk answered some questions from Twitter after the explosion:
Elon Musk tweet

Now we all know what a lively Twitter user Elon Musk is. Musk also spends tons of your time answering questions posed to him via Twitter. Answering questions that also came after the explosion of the SN9 prototype, Musk replied ‘We were so stupid’ to a lover who asked ‘Why they acted risky by firing two engines rather than three during landing’. Of course, it should even be said that this answer is a particularly ‘ironic’ answer.

Starship features a 3-engine design and rightly involves mind the question ‘wouldn’t it make more sense to fireside all three engines to be used if one among the engines is in trouble, and if there’s no problem, to deactive one among the engines again?’


However, of course, there’s a special answer to the present question than Musk’s ‘We were very stupid’ response. Although Starship’s design features three engines, SpaceX is currently working to perform safer and slower landings.

It is generally thought that the operation of the three giant rocket engines will cause far more aggressive landings. one more reason for this is often that SpaceX’s raptor engines are still in development and aren’t performing stablely. But Musk still thinks it is a mistake to not activate all three engines for this sort of scenario.


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