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Initially described as “iPhone impersonation,”the phones of Chinese manufacturers have increasingly reached the purpose of becoming real iPhone competitors. New devices from competitors like Huawei and Xiaomi include innovations and style quality which will combat the iPhone.
Apple, which introducedthe first iPhone in 2007, caught the mobile market off guard and have become the brand that started the smartphone revolution. Other brands were initially accused of “impersonation” fortheir iPhone-like products and subjected to lawsuits. The new devices show that this is often not the case today.
Copycats Evolved!
This wave of renation has resonated within the tech world. consistent with The Verge editor Vlad Savov,both powerful competitors like Samsung and makes like China-based Huawei and Xiaomi can now come up with design-original and powerful models instead of following the iPhone. In short, yesterday’s brands accused of impersonation have reached the purpose of becoming real iPhone competitors.


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